Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Free Codes

So today i felt like being generous even though i don't know why. I got some codes of ________ items, they would be up until December 23rd. Also, I am writing up a story which requires some help from you guys. If you would like to help revise a piece of my story please email me @ vanessasoul@aol.com! For those who are generous on the 25th of December, I would send out private codes for those who has emailed me. That was the first event in December.

The second event is wizard scavenger hunting in my 3 castles. (You can only participate in 1 of the following)
Sunken Palace-locating the stone rose.
Myth House-locating the bug.
Sultan's palace-locating the spiral cup.

The last event would be locating me!!! For access reasons, i would be in Wizard City!!!
Look for me: vnesasa hntresluo
*unlock the hidden name.
*hint to finding me: I would only be on Saturdays and Sundays! AND i wont be in Unicorn Way.

The events starts now: December 13
The events ends: December 31


  1. I am soooooo in :D Nessa email me at mywizard101site@gmail.com and send me your story XD

  2. @ Blaze: Okay i will email a piece of my story :)